Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coachella 2011

Even scorching temperatures of 110 degrees weren’t enough to stop music lovers and celebs alike from letting loose and forgetting about the real world at this past weekend’s annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Every year, Coachella seems to be just as much about seeing and being seen in bohemian, breezy outfits as watching your favorite bands perform- so much so that the event seems to have created its own distinctive fashion vibe. Maxi skirts, straw fedoras, piles of bracelets, printed silk tops and the ubiquitous bikini-as-underwear look are all staples of a girl’s Coachella wardrobe.
Celebrities like Diane Kruger, Malin Akerman, Whitney Port and Busy Phillips were effortlessly chic as they breezed between pool parties, the VIP beer garden, and backstage areas.

At Coachella, though, you don’t have to be on the A-list to make a sartorial splash. Almost everywhere you looked, there were carefree combinations of prints and stacks of jewelry. Enough to make us wish every weekend was Coachella!

One thing’s for sure, we’re starting our quest for three days of perfectly bohemian outfits for next year’s festival today.

If next year is as hot as this year was, I’ll want this lightweight Myne Camilla dress to throw on over a Lover bikini. Pair that with a floppy straw hat, leather gladiators, and piles of jewelry and viola!

Actually, with Summer arriving any day now, I might just have to rock this outfit a bit sooner and have it remind me of those amazing 3 days in the desert.

xo, Frederique

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  1. i would love to go to coachella some day. great musik and fashion all in one place! i recently did an entry on the festival. take a look:


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