Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catherine's Pick: Mike Gonzalez 3 in One Dress

I'm a sucker for anything multi-functional. Not only do you get multiple pieces for the price of one (hey, excuses are always nice to have up your sleeve), but they are fun to style in different ways to showcase your creativity. That's why I'm obsessing over this new Mike Gonzalez piece. It's a maxi dress, maxi skirt, and mini dress all in one - the perfect treat to bring on vacation this summer. Talk about easy packing! Just don't forget your breezy tank (have you tried the T by Alexander Wang yet?) and a chunky cuff, like this Low Luv beauty. xo, Catherine

Catherine Sheppard is the founder of The Life Styled. Stylist and Fashion Feng Shui expert, Catherine is a long time friend of Feature boutique, and we are so excited to have her guest blogging and on hand to our customers for expert style advice. For more info visit www.thelifestyled.com .

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